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IP66 LED Low Bay receives LIA Verified Status.

By July 24, 2015 No Comments

BSSLED 100w IP66 LED Low Bay have been added to the LIA Verified Register.

The LED Industry has been slow to react to the UK LIA Verified Scheme with only a ‘handful’ of LED Lighting Manufacturers/Importers signing up to confirm the safety and lumen output of their products.

Why is this? Is there a reluctance to have their products tested as they are concerned over product safety and stated lumen output?

There are still far too many LED Lighting suppliers making bold claims over lumen output and having absolutely no test data to support their claims. Simply using LED manufacturers test data is not acceptable or accurate once you take electrical and optical losses from the luminaire into account.

Sometimes we are accused of being too vocal, but as one of the few UK Industrial Lighting Manufacturers with a range of LIA Verified Products, perhaps we have the right to do so?

For more information see https://www.lialabcert.org.uk