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100w Dimmable LED Low Bay Lighting with PIR Sensors

By February 14, 2015 No Comments

Dimmable LED Low Bay Lighting with PIR sensors allow areas not being occupied to operate at reduced lighting levels or be switched off.

This allows substantially increased energy savings over and above the minimum 65% that can be expected from installing LED Lighting.

It is widely accepted that the biggest waste of energy in lighting is leaving the lights switched on when the areas is not occupied.

Each Dimmable LED Low Bay is fitted with a built in PIR sensor that can be programmed from low level to react to movement and remain on for a pre-set time before either turning off or operating at a reduced light level.

This installation replaced a number of fluorescent 8’ tubes and provided the end user with over 80% energy saving and included a number of Dimmable LED Low Bays with 3hr Emergency back up lighting.

Dimmable LED Low Bay Lighting is suitable for all types of applications and mounting heights from 4m to 7m depending on each application.

BSSLED provides a range of UK manufactured LED lighting solutions for all types of industrial and commercial applications. Our manufacturing facility in Northumberland includes our own high speed LED placement assembly line allowing us to totally control quality and lead times.