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100w LED Low Bay 6000 hour long term test results

By January 23, 2016 No Comments

The BSSLED 100w Led Low Bay is believed to be the only industrial LED lighting product to offer a third party 6000 hour lumen test certification.

Testing by the LIA Laboratories in Telford has shown that the 100w Led Low Bay has lost only 3% of its initial lumens after a 6000 hours continuous test.

As part of our commitment to providing open certification data to support our claims, on completion of the LIA verified certification of our 100w LED Low Bay, the decision was taken to continue the test under controlled conditions at 25 degrees C.

This give our customers total confidence that our LED Low Bay is going to perform in accordance with its claimed specification and output.

The 5 year warranty on the 100w LED Low bay and all our LED lighting products includes a full lumen maintenance warranty

Claims of lumen output can often be exaggerated and without specialist testing equipment, it is impossible to measure the lumen output of a product. Many simply use the LED manufacturer’s raw performance data and make no allowance for electrical and optical losses when the LEDs are installed into their luminaire.These losses will be at least 10% but could be up to 50% in some cases.

Additionally, we are not aware of any suppliers or manufacturers who can provide any 3rd party data to show the lumen performance of a luminaire over an extended period of time. Many simply rely on the IES LM80 and TM21 data that is the testing and life time performance data for the LED itself (rather than the whole luminaire) at a certain temperature and the extrapolation of that data to show the performance to end of life. (L70 or 70% of original light output)

An LM79 test is effectively a test of the complete luminaire to give data such as lumen output, colour temperature and colour rendering index. This is just a single test at a given period in time and certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. What effectively is needed is a LM79 6000hour test to mirror the testing of the LED under the LM80 standard.

For the BSSLED 100w Led Low Bay to give 97% after 6000hrs continuous testing is an exceptional result and shows the commitment of BSSLED to provide products that will continue to give many years of high performance.


Whilst lumen depreciation and performance on LED’s is governed by a number of factors such as heat and drive current, the way to providing a quality LED product is to start with a quality LED package. Unless your LED supplier will provide you with the exact specification of the LED used, including manufacturer’s part number then you should be very wary of the long term performance. Many will use the excuse that this is protected by their IP or ‘trade secret’, in reality, many of them won’t know and won’t have any control over what their manufacturing partner is using.

Many unbranded or poor quality LED’s could reduce to L70 in less than 2000 hours (8 months at 8hrs a day) and without a warranty covering lumen output, this type of investment is unlikely to please the purchaser. Bear in mind the Osram LED used in our LED Low Bay costs 5 times the cost of a Chinese LED and that many of the assembly factories in China have virtually no control over what their supplier is providing.

Many Far East manufacturers have promoted such brands as Bridgelux (a well-respected American LED manufacturer) but in reality the only part is the LED array is the LED die itself which is often the lowest binning provided by Bridgelux. The whole LED array is still produced in an often uncontrolled environment using low cost phosphors that give the LED’s their required colour temperature and risk colour shift or change due to poor quality.

In simple terms, your warranty needs to include lumen depreciation and any manufacturer who has provided independent long term lumen test data should be able to provide you this.