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150 watt LED Flood Lights for harsh environments

By July 23, 2016 No Comments
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150 watt LED flood lights are often used to replace 400 watt metal halide or SON conventional lighting, but the stated power of 150 watts often doesn’t tell the whole story. Many LED flood lights use unlensed COB [chip on board LEDs] and not only waste a substantial amount of lumens [or light output] but also can cause real problems with light pollution and glare.

Conventional lighting uses specially designed reflectors to control the light output and minimise glare and pollution. Correctly designed LED Flood Lights use optical lenses to ensure the light is directed exactly where needed.

The use of poorly designed 150 watt LED Flood Lights simply directs the light at angles up to 120 degrees and could lead to legal challenges over light pollution.

Unless your LED Flood Light supplier can provide you with the exact details of the LED and Driver contained in their fitting, it is wise to be very wary of what you may be purchasing, many of our  competitors simply sell products with unbranded or dubious quality components.

Ask you supplier for case studies that exceed their warranty period?

At BSSLED we offer a range of LED Flood Lights using specifically designed optical lenses to improve overall luminaire efficiency and performance. All our Lensed LED Flood Lights use Osram Oslon Square LED’s and intelligent Osram LED Drivers with a full 5 Year warranty that includes lumen depreciation to L70.

Our range is certified at 118 lumens per watt from the luminaire not from the LED.

We also additionally offer a range of specific options for our LED Flood Lights:

  1. Military grade hard anodised coatings for marine and corrosive environments.
  2. Wire locked and torque sealed fixings for areas of excessive vibration.
  3. Stainless steel brackets and fixings.

All BSSLED products are manufactured in the UK and are fully compliant with EN Safety Legislation. Many have been independently verified by third party accredited testing including the LIA Labs in Telford Shropshire.

Our LED Flood Lights are available in 150 watt, 300 watt and 600 watt with lens options from 10 degrees to 80 degrees.

For more information contact us at info@bssled.com or call us on 01670 432400