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200w LED High Bay

By January 21, 2016 No Comments

At BSSLED we design LED High Bay products to replace conventional lighting products to allow a like for like replacement. For example, our 135w LED high Bay has a proven track record of replacing a 400w metal halide or SON Luminaire.
However, we appreciate that on certain applications and especially on new installations, there is a need for a specific range of products to produce a higher lumen output. As part of our ongoing development, we have launched a 200w 23000 lumen LED High Bay using the same Osram lensed technology as the 100w LED High Bay and 135w LED High Bay. This may be for a very high mounting height of 20m and where the lighting design calls for a certain number of luminaires.
Using the same Osram LED technology and proven lumen output, the 200w LED High Bay is manufactured 100% in the UK and includes full EN safety approvals.
All our range of LED High Bays include options such as programmable PIR and daylight dimming and full 3hr emergency back-up.
We offer a full LED Lighting Design Service that gives you lighting simulation to understand the expected light levels and uniformity of a particular project. All our light calculations are based on testing and files produced by leading lighting designers 42 Partners.
For more information contact us on 01670 432400 or email us at info@bssled.com