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BSSLED was formed in 2010 at the beginning of the LED lighting revolution.

We set out to champion UK-based manufacturing with an aim of producing top-quality fittings at a price to rival poorer quality imported lighting products. This dedication to quality has put us at the forefront of the UK LED market. Our 24,000 square foot facility in East Manchester houses state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to manufacture LED lighting products using the best components available.

We control our production process end-to-end with our cutting-edge in-house facilities which include LED and electronic board manufacture, CNC metalwork machinery and a powder coating line. Well established in the industry, we are ISO 9001 certified.

One of our key successes to date is our Osram-powered LED low bay, which has had over 50,000 units installed around the UK with an unprecedented failure rate of just 0.08% over five years. Through years of development, this product is now one of the most competitively priced UK-manufactured LED low bays available.

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BSSLED is founded by British businessman Steve Bell after he identified a demand for energy-efficient lighting to be manufactured in the UK at a competitive price.

low bay lighting fixture



Premises are established in Northumberland and production begins as the first BSSLED Low Bay is produced.

on house production area with SMT machines



In-house SMT line installed to keep up with increasing demand. BSSLED produce the first industrial LED product to be certified LIA Verified, vouching for its industry-wide quality and trustworthiness.

Man and woman standing next to new cnc punch machine



As part of our continued growth plans we have added an in-house Amada CNC punch press extend our flexibility and OEM capabilities.

man in PPE powder coating light cases



Further efficiencies are gained as we bring our powder coating capabilities in-house.

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As demand grows, we relocate to larger 25,000 square foot premises in East Manchester to allow expansion that meets demand.

ISO9001 Certification

BSSLED are ISO 9001 Certified and control our manufacturing process by using 100% in-house facilities including LED and electronic board manufacture, CNC metalwork machinery and a powder coating line.