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UK Manufactured LED Low Bays with 5 year warranty

By February 25, 2017 No Comments

At BSS LED we believe we offer the best value UK Manufactured LED Low Bays in the UK, contact us at info@bssled.com for pricing

Anyone can become and overnight LED lighting specialist and offer a range of products sourced from around the world.

A simple Google search on LED Low Bays shows and multitude of products selling on price rather than giving any consideration to technical competence.

So many get concerned over lumen output and make efficacy claimed that simply do not stand up, using the LED manufacturers raw chip data without considering optical and electrical losses. Without the correct laboratory equipment, it is impossible for anyone to verify lumen output claims and a simple search of the LIA Verified website shows very little products with a lumen output greater that 130 lumens per watt. Why therefore do so many continue to make claims upwards of 160 lumens per watt?

What is really important when looking for your LED lighting partner:

  1. What LED is used in your luminaire and can you send me the technical datasheet?
  2. What driver do you use?
  3. Has the product been tested by an independent European Laboratory?
  4. What is the certified lumen output of the actual luminaire? [Luminaire Lumens] and can you send me the test report.
  5. Can you send me the test certificate for EN60598 and EN55015 [EMC]
  6. Can I speak to a customer who has had product longer than the warranty period?
  7. Do you have any long term lumen output data [LM84 or equivalent] to show how the product will perform over 6000 hours or beyond?

BSS LED have many years of manufacturing experience in producing LED Low Bays and High Bays within our own facility. We use Osram LED’s and Drivers and have invested substantially in testing and certification to ensure that our products are safe and will give many years of service.

We build every part of our products in house, with LED placing lines [SMT], CNC Amada punch presses and press brake and a full powder coat line. This allows us total control of quality and pricing and allows us to offer the best value LED Industrial Lighting in the UK.

For more information contact us at info@bssled.com

Tel: 01670 432400