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BSS LED Limited rejoins the UK Lighting Industry Association after the decision to add random member testing

By January 24, 2017 No Comments

Every industry need to be regulated to ensure that safety and legal regulations are complied with.

In reality, this is perhaps unachievable as there are too many ways to ‘cheat’ the system or bypass certain parts of legislation!

The lighting industry has seen its fair share of non-compliance, safety issues and bogus claims, BSS LED has always been in favour of the Lighting Industry Association ensuring that its members comply to all the regulatory legislation required by the law and having documented 3rd party certification to support any performance claim.

Whilst all Industry Associations need revenue to allow them to exist, the idea of an Association that does not police its members and/or members that do not comply with legal legislation is, in our opinion, a worthless Association.

As of January 2017, the Lighting Industry Association has implemented a random product inspection scheme where members understand that any of their products could be selected for random testing.

These tests will include a review of technical files to ensure compliance, a basic safety test and a lumen output test to confirm claims etc.

This change in direction has provided BSS LED the comfort to rejoin the Lighting Industry Association after an absence of 2 years, where we questioned the overall benefits of membership as a value to our business.

Whilst we are still awaiting confirmation on the exact number of products that will be selected for testing each year, this is a clear step forward in ensuring that all Lighting Industry Association Members are heading towards compliance. The publication of a report on the testing and the necessary rectifications required will make interesting reading and provide the Members with a real understanding on where the industry is heading.

As a manufacturer, we understand that we have the ability to control every part of our manufacturing process and can be self sufficient in controlling every aspect of traceability and quality. We accept that reliance on overseas factories can make compliance more complicated, but that is not a reason to be non-compliant with EN regulations.

Overall, this can only be a positive for the industry.