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BSSLED 5 Year LED Warranty

By June 22, 2015 No Comments

At BSSLED Limited, we believe that any warranty should be clear, precise and simple to understand. We pride ourselves on producing quality LED products in the UK. We manufacture 100% in Northumberland and offer a simple but comprehensive 5 year warranty.
We don’t ask you to complete online warranty registration forms or limit the number of hours your luminaire can be used.
We simply say that ‘if any part of your LED Luminaire doesn’t perform as it should do, we will repair or replace it without question.’
Additionally, we cover lumen depreciation as detailed by the TM21 Data produced by Osram Opto Semiconductors.
As an added peace of mind, we also offer an optional ‘insurance backed warranty’ underwritten by a major UK insurance company.
Before you make a purchasing decision, check the small print of your warranty.