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BSSLED IP67 150 watt LED Flood Light receives LIA Verified Status

By July 16, 2015 No Comments

BSSLED IP67 150 watt LED Flood Light receives LIA Verified Status and confirms our commitment to supplying British Manufactured LED Lighting with EN Safety Approval and Lumen Output Verification.

With the LED market moving quickly and with so many options available, we understand that it is difficult for prospective purchasers to fully understand the various purchasing options.  By making a commitment to have all our LED Lighting products LIA Verified by the end of 2015, we are ensuring that our products are fully EN Safety Compliant and our claimed lumen outputs have been independently verified.

The UK LED industry is full of suppliers claiming high lumen outputs on their products but unable to verify their claims, many simply take the raw LED data from the manufacturer and ignore any optical and electrical losses. The LIA Verification of our products includes a lumen output test on the complete luminaire and give a true and correct lumen output figure.

Our IP67 150 watt LED Flood Light has a certified 17,000 lumen output and is available in a range of lensed beam angles to ensure it is suitable for all types of applications from Area Floods to High Mast Applications.

For harsh environmental conditions, we offer a range of additional treatments such as military spec hard anodising and sun covers to keep direct sunlight off the driver and heat sink casing.

BSSLED manufacture a range of high quality LED Flood Lights from 100w up to 600w suitable for all types of lighting applications.

For more information and technical specifications  contact us on 01670 432400