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BSSLED LED Low Bay is awarded LIA Verified Certification

By March 11, 2015 No Comments

We are pleased to announce that our LED Low Bay has been awarded LIA Verified Certification

This certification process has been set up by the UK Lighting Industry Association in Telford to ensure that Lighting Products on the market conform to European Safety Regulations and produce the light output performance as stated by the manufacturer. The certification process includes EN safety approval verification and long term lumen output tests and allows the LIA Verified and Energy Saving Trust Logos to be used on the products.

The LIA Verified Certification of the LED Low Bay is the first Industrial Luminaire to receive such status and represents the first of many BSS LED Lighting Products to be tested to this standard.

Whilst many LED Lighting manufacturers/importers make claims over LED Lumen output, it seems that very few are prepared to allow their products to be verified by the UK LIA. It is often common practice in the industry for LED Lighting suppliers to quote the LED manufacturers Lumen data without making any allowances for optical and electrical losses.

The BSSLED 100w LED Low Bay has been proven to produce 12900 lumens or 129 lumens per watt and is specifically designed to replace a 250w Metal Halide produce whilst providing a 65% energy saving.

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