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BSSLED supplies bespoke LED Light Engines for East Coast Rail

By January 21, 2015 No Comments

There are often times when an existing light fitting simply does not want to be replaced with a new LED fitting and it is important to retain the aesthetics of a particular building or structure.

BSSLED were approached by Consultants to East Coast Rail to design a retrofit LED Light Engine solution for over 500 existing decorative light fittings throughout the East Coast Rail station network.

Any development of a bespoke LED Light Engine requires the engineering knowledge of not only lighting design but an understanding of thermal management to ensure longevity.

Where other major manufacturers advised the consultant that no such LED Light Engines were available, we agreed to take on the design task of providing a solution for East Coast Rail.

Having designed a suitable LED Light source using the proven Osram Oslon Square LED together with a bespoke CNC machined aluminium heat sink, the complete retrofit LED Light Engine was designed to fit into the existing lighting fitting using the same fixings and sub plates. This ensured that the installation of the retrofit LED Light Engine could be completed as quickly as possible on site.

The result was a solution giving substantially increased light levels, reduced energy costs and zero lamp maintenance for the next five years.

The role out of the fittings is continuing throughout most of the major East Coast Rail stations.

As a true UK LED Lighting Manufacturer, we have the ability to produce a range of proven industrial LED Lighting Products or any number of bespoke LED Lighting products for just about any application.