Daylight Dimming and Occupancy Sensing

Daylight Dimming

Saving additional energy using smart lighting control.
The greatest energy saving is having the lights switched off.

Our Daylight Dimming and Occupancy Sensor is a combined sensor that can be fitted to any of our luminaries and can be controlled and programmed from floor level using a hand held controller.

Operating at mounting heights up to 20 metres with adjustable detection sensitivity to avoid unnecessary operation

Warehousing typically has large areas with low foot fall, traditional lighting installations operating continuously can therefore be wasteful, and the integration of sensor controls within luminaires that can turn off or dim the lighting in periods of absence offers significant energy savings.

Many warehouses are installed with skylights to allow natural daylight into the area; however luminaires are often not sensor controlled to take advantage of this and therefore run at full output during daylight hours. The integration of daylight sensors to dim luminaires in conjunction with natural daylight contribution can greatly reduce energy consumption.

BSSLED offers, Optional Fully Programmable Intelligent Daylight Dimming and PIR Control.
We can fit an integral sensor control to each light which offers both installation and operational benefits as no additional wiring is necessary. Each sensor can be individually programmed to optimise the energy savings for your operation.

Daylight Dimming

Harvesting Daylight

The greatest benefits of BSSLED warehouse lighting are reaped from it’s market-leading custom sensors, programming the light to react intelligently to it’s surroundings. The intelligent sensor system on each luminaire will – if appropriate – “harvest daylight”: The luminaire will dim dynamically to compensate for higher levels of natural ambient light. This maintains operational light levels for a lower luminaire output – adding as much as an extra 20% saving.

Adjustable Occupancy Sensing

Greater savings are achieved in warehouse environments through the sensor detecting when there is activity in proximity of the light, and will switch off lights that are surplus to requirements (or dim back as appropriate). For example, if a forklift truck drives half way along a racking aisle, only the luminaires under which it passes will activate in-line with the customised settings.

The sensitivity of the occupancy sensing, the delay between vacating an area and the light dimming back and a host of other variables are all highly customisable, allowing us to tailor the best possible savings for your warehouse whilst not impairing the working environment.

Daylight Dimming
In this respect warehouses are the ideal environment for our intelligent energy efficient lighting – with lower working occupancy rates than other commercial premises, the savings from occupancy sensing can drive energy usage from lighting down by as much as 90% in some cases, and 70-80% in most instances.