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Do you really need a 200w LED High Bay?

By February 22, 2015 No Comments

We often get asked for a 200w LED High Bay to replace a conventional 400w Metal Halide High Bay and potential customers sometimes question if our 135w LED high Bay is really a suitable alternative?

The design team at BSSLED have always focused on producing the most efficient LED High Bays and providing not only the best possible LED efficiency but also the best light distribution.

By using a top quality LED’s from Osram producing over 120 lumens per watt, after electrical and optical losses, and specially designed optical lenses our 135w LED High Bay will outperform a 200w LED High Bay without optical optimisation.

Our LED Luminaire design will put the light exactly where it is needed.

Many other imported LED Lighting products simply use a clear plastic cover to protect the LED’s from dust or dirt, this has no optical benefit and so much light output is wasted as it reflects off the diffuser.

Our goal has been to produce a range of UK manufactured LED High Bays and LED Low Bays to replace conventional lighting on a like for like basis. Of course we can produce lighting simulations to show this, but our list of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

All our LED Lighting products are guaranteed for 5 years and will give you a minimum of 65% energy savings when compared to conventional lighting products.