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Eddie Stobart Logistics use BSSLED 135w LED High Bay for Distribution Warehouse

By May 4, 2015 No Comments

Eddie Stobart Logistics uses BSSLED 135w LED High Bay for Distribution Warehouse in Essex.
BSSLED has supplied over 350 LED High Bays to Eddie Stobart Logistics for a new distribution facility.
The project included a large quantity of Lensed LED High Bays with high narrow lenses specifically designed for warehouse aisle racking. All the LED High Bays were fitted with intelligent PIR/Daylight Dimming Sensors that allow the lights to turn on only when personnel or fork lift trucks are detected. Programming can take place at low level using a hand held IR transmitter with over 20m range.
The Osram Oslon Square used in the BSSLED 135w LED High Bay has industry leading documented testing showing it will retain over 90% of the initial light output after 100,000 hours or 10 year continuous operation.
It is generally accepted that LED High Bays can save at least 65% energy when compared to Metal Halide equivalent products, but the addition of occupancy sensors can increase the energy saving to over 90%. The best energy saving is having the lights turned off when the area is unoccupied.

All BSSLED products are manufactured 100% in Northumberland and have full independent safety and lumen output testing by the UK Lighting Industry Association.
Our 5 Year warranties include guaranteed Lumen Depreciation.