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Industrial LED Lighting – Latest News

By November 3, 2016 No Comments

The Industrial LED lighting market has seen some good and bad products over the past few years.

Unlike changing a 600×600 LED panel light in your office, changing a faulty LED high bay or any industrial LED lighting at 9 metres isn’t quite as simple.

Many end users have either experienced first-hand or heard horror stories of either poor quality LED lighting or suppliers failing to honour warranty obligations or simply not being around to give product support.

In 2010 BSSLED started a UK Industrial LED manufacturing facility. This has grown over the past 6 years to be a well-respected quality brand using premium LED and drivers from Osram. We offer a industry leading lumen depreciation warranty and were the first industrial LED company to have our products verified by the Lighting Industry Association Labs in Telford. We have product in the market which is still functioning perfectly well after our five-year warranty has passed. We know our conservative design parameters of thermal and drive current will allow our products to outperform our competitors.

Even before the fall of sterling after the Brexit vote, our products were competitive against imported products, now, sterling has fallen nearly 20%, many importers of product are facing tough decisions on cost increases or reduction in quality of their products.

Whilst some of our materials have seen increases due to currency fluctuations, these have been minimal and our products are now not only very competitive but also available on an almost next day delivery.

Having just returned from a visit to the Hong Kong lighting fair, what is very worrying is the total lack of technical knowledge from both the Chinese suppliers and many of the overseas buyers. Far too many have simply jumped on the LED bandwagon and have become overnight LED specialists. Of course, there are exceptions and there are some very knowledgeable lighting companies with many years of experience but the majority have very little technical knowledge.

One of the Chinese companies we spoke to at length openly said that they were losing so much business on price by sticking to branded LEDs and drivers on their Industrial LED Lighting, where so many of their competitors were undercutting them by up to 25%. In their words, they cannot be supplying what they say they are.

When so many importers are choosing price as the major purchasing decision, how can the end user know they are getting what is advertised?

What is the point of an LM80/TM21 test report when you have no idea if the product stated on the test report is inside your new LED luminaire?

Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect importers to fully understand or monitor what components are used in their products, but ignorance doesn’t excuse miss-selling.

It’s not the first few years where you are likely to experience failures/light degradation, but in years 3, 4 and 5 of any five year warranty. Our suggestion is to do your homework, ask for references that are into years 3, 4 and 5 and make your decisions accordingly.

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