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Industrial Lighting. Is it LED Low Bay, LED High Bay or just a Factory Light?

By October 27, 2019 No Comments
Industrial Lighting

When talking about Industrial Lighting, we often get asked: what is the difference between an LED Low Bay and an LED High Bay?


Historically, High Bays were seen as pendant type fittings with a single point of suspension whilst Low Bays were usually white shoe box style fittings.

Metal Halide High Bay

Metal Halide Low Bay

At BSSLED we believe that a LED Low Bay is an unlensed product and an LED High Bay is a lensed product capable of delivering a specific light pattern when mounted at higher levels. All our factory lighting is designed around the ‘white box’ product as technically it allows the LED driver to be kept away from the LED Light source and keep the driver temperature as low as possible.



We often get asked at what mounting height should I transition between a Low Bay and a High Bay? The answer depends on a number of factors:

  • Cost: Low Bays have a slightly lower cost than an High Bays;
  • Mounting Height: height less than 7000mm should use a Low Bay to reduce spotting and poor uniformity on the floor. Above 7000mm more options are available.

Consider taking the total 17500 lumens out of a 150 watt product and think about where these lumens are going? Led Low Bays will output at around 120 degrees and keep traveling until they hit a floor or wall where they then will be absorbed and/or reflected. The amount of absorbsion/reflection will depend on the reflective properties of the walls and floors.

Therefore, if you have a warehouse with 12000mm mounting height with light coloured walls and floors, then it is possible to use an LED Low Bay and get an excellent level of uniformity.

If, however, you have a 12000mm mounting height and a dark and dirty environment, a High Bay with a 60 degree lens will direct all the 17500 lumens into an area covering 60 degrees on the factory floor. This will result in a much higher lux level at floor level when compared to an LED Low Bay mounted at the same height.

There is also the option of using a narrow lensed high bay that is ideally suited to racking applications where the lens directs the light exactly where needed down the racking aisle rather than illuminating the top of the racking.

There is always a balance between the correct luminaire and the commercial implication of the costs difference between an Low Bay and High Bay.

BSSLED have a range of Low Bays and High Bays that are suitable for all types of warehouse and factory applications from 4000mm to in excess of 20000mm. If others only have an unlensed LED Low Bay then maybe that is only half the solution?

Simple lighting simulation of the proposed area can show the different lighting levels achieved by using different products.

If you enjoyed this article feel free to take a look at our range of industrial LED lighting for every application.


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