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LED Batten Light goes through testing in Australia

By January 29, 2016 No Comments

BSSLED are committed to ensuring that our LED Batten Light, manufactured in both the UK and Australia is fully compliant with both IEC/EN and Australian safety standards and the stated lumen outputs are tested and verified by accredited third party laboratories.

The LED Batten light is in the process of being tested by Light Emission Distribution Laboratory in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

Using the time in the Labs with the technicians allows us to design the product range to meet all replacement luminaire options and allow our customers a simple choice in selecting the correct product.

Testing in Australia to CIE 43, IES LM79 and NATA Accredited is expected to be complete within the next few days and certification will be available on the our website.

The LED Batten Light range uses the Osram Duris S2 and Osram driver and is available from 16w 1950 lumens to a 50w 5700 lumen model. The high quality opaque diffuser manufactured by a specialist supplier in Italy is designed to give excellent uniformity whilst eliminating spotting sometimes caused by other types of diffusers.

Ideally suited to utility environments this LED Batten Light is also available with emergency back-up and PIR/Microwave sensors.

For more information contact us at info@bssled.com