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LED Factory Lighting – Why we use bespoke aluminium heatsinks?

By July 26, 2016 No Comments

High powered LED luminaire such as LED Factory Lighting needs to be thermally managed if they are to perform as intended. To simply bolt an LED strip to a piece of powder coated steel is never going to provide a long term reliable solution.

So many of our competitors simply do not consider the thermal design implications and are unable to provide long term lumen output testing data on their products. How will their products perform over time? Will they provide a warranty to cover lumen depreciation or light loss?

Thermal design calculations are an important part of any high powered luminaire [100 watts and above] and the increased surface area of finned aluminium heat sink will ensure that the LED’s operate at a junction temperature that allow them to perform in accordance with published LM80 and TM21 data.

All BSSLED LED Factory Lighting products have been designed to operate at ambient temperatures of up to +40 degrees centigrade with options for higher ambient temperatures by lowering drive currents.

BSSLED is the only industrial LED luminaire manufacturer to have a product tested to IES LM84 6000 hour standards confirming just a 2.5% lumen loss over the 6000 hour duration.

This has allowed us to offer a 5 year lumen depreciation warranty to L70 on all of our products.

All our LED Factory Lighting products are manufactured in the UK using Osram LED’s and Drivers. We have full EN Approvals and many of our products have been independently verified by third parties.

We have 6 years experience in manufacturing industrial and commercial LED lighting products and a proven track record in delivering proven products.

For more information, contact us a info@bssled.com or call us on 01670 43240