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LED Factory Lighting with Osram Dali Dimmable Drivers

By March 30, 2015 No Comments

As part of our ongoing relationship with Osram, we have introduced a range of LED Factory Lighting with Osram Dali Dimmable Drivers. Osram have supported BSSLED over the past few years with technical and development technology, the addition of the Osram LED Driver range will allow us to continue to offer UK manufactured products with proven brand name components.

The Osram OTI range of Dali Dimmable Drivers have a range of intelligent functions such as; adjustable current output programmed via software, smooth dimming from 1% to 100% and an auxiliary fan output for use in high ambient temperature environments.

The Dali Dimmable Drivers will work with our existing range of PIR and Daylight dimming sensors and also allow our LED High Bay and LED Low Bay range to be connected to a number of third party Building Management Systems.

Dimmable control is becoming increasingly popular within Warehouse LED Lighting environments and the ability to save up to 90% on lighting energy costs offers a substantial saving. Many areas of warehouses that remain unoccupied for long periods of time can benefit from PIR detection to allow these areas to be switched off or operate at lower lighting levels.

All our LED Lighting Products are manufactured in Northumberland and have a full 5year warranty.