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LED High Bay Lighting for GA Petfoods

By July 14, 2015 No Comments

BSS LED Lighting supplies CorEnergy Limited with intelligent LED lighting for GA Petfoods Distribution Centre in Chorley Lancs.

With typical energy savings in excess of 70% and with significant advances in both the performance and reliability of LED Lighting technology over recent years, the industry has no doubt experienced rapid growth. However, early adopters in the industrial and distribution sectors have enjoyed mixed results and this may be the reason why companies are still hesitant to make the switch. For a number of the companies that took the plunge a few years ago (when LED technology was in its relative infancy), many have experienced issues with light deterioration or failure, or have found that projects hadn’t actually delivered on their expected paybacks. With so many high-profile organisations such as Eddie Stobart and J Sainsbury’s now deciding to invest in LED lighting programmes however, what has changed and is now the time to reconsider? A company which has recently made the switch to LED is GA Pet Food Partners whom have upgraded their 24-hour operated 180,000 sq. foot Distribution Centre in Chorley, Lancashire. The Site (built in 2011) was originally illuminated by 464 x 4x80W T5 fluorescent luminaires (i.e. 464 x 320W in total). These luminaires have since been replaced with 359 x 100W British manufactured LED High Bays which are specifically designed for both open and racked areas of warehouses. Despite the apparent reduced number of overall luminaires, lighting levels throughout the Site have increased from an average of 160 lux to over 240 lux (at floor level). Furthermore, incorporated daylight dimming and occupancy sensors automatically dim the lights and/or switch them off when an area is not in use, thus further enhancing the Site’s energy savings. Jim Whittingham, Operations Director of GA Pet Food Partners commented on the decision to invest; “We felt that the Site’s lighting was already reasonably efficient but with it being nearly 5 years old we were left with a decision to either replace the existing T5 tubes or to invest in an upgrade to LED. We worked with CorEnergy, a Manchester based lighting company who firstly provided a technical audit of the Site before designing and delivering a completely new lighting scheme for us. As a consequence, the running cost of the Site’s lighting has reduced by 86% to c.£14,500 from c.£108,000 annually. This will result in a lifetime saving in excess of £1.2million from an initial investment of £185,000 whilst saving over 6.2 million kg of CO2.” Tom Griffin, Director of CorEnergy said; “There is still hesitation among companies regarding the investment in LED lighting and this is driven from the vast difference in both the quality and reliability of LED products, especially with the continuous influx of poor quality imported products with spurious warranties. CorEnergy is manufacturer independent and relies on its experience in the industry as well as a continuous analysis of the LED product market to recommend the most appropriate solution to its clients. The products specified for GA Pet Food Partners are Lighting Industry Association (LIA) verified British-manufactured luminaires backed up with a 5-year warranty covering light degradation as well as component failure. If the right partners are selected and if projects are designed and delivered correctly with high quality LED products, significant savings over traditional technologies are available with minimal risk.” To help companies select the right LED lighting products, the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has recently launched a Verification Scheme whereby the claims made by manufacturers as regards their product data are independently tested. The tests include; a safety evaluation, colorimetry and lifetime analyses (both lux and efficacy) and for those products which have been approved by the scheme, they obtain a certificate of approval. The UK Government is also encouraging the investment in LED lighting by including it on its Energy Technology List. This enables companies to benefit from the 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. Furthermore, there is funding available to help companies spread the cost of an LED lighting upgrade over 3-5 years, thus eliminating the need for any upfront investment. Finance products available are generally structured so that the cost of the monthly repayments are no more than the immediate savings achieved from the switch to LED itself, therefore resulting in projects being cash neutral (or even cash positive) from Day 1. With the LED lighting market now reaching maturity, and with so much support now available to help companies upgrade to LED, is now the time to make the switch