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LED High Bay Lighting gives over 700 lux at floor level

By February 13, 2015 No Comments

As a UK LED Lighting manufacturer, we appreciate the difficulties than can be faced making decisions on which type of LED Low Bay or LED High Bay Lights to purchase. With so many choices and price options, such decisions are not easy.

At BSSLED, we believe that it is important to be able to trial LED Lighting before making such decisions.

With our experience in LED Factory Lighting, we have the ability to give advice on the correct product selection for each particular application.

After being contacted by Trufab Limited in Lancashire, our LED Low Bay and LED High Bay Lighting were tested to allow the customer to make the correct decision on product type.

Trufab installed a number of our 135w LED High Bay Lighting units with built-in daylight dimming and PIR sensors, giving energy savings of over 70% when compared to the existing metal halide fittings.

Light Levels on the floor exceeded 700 Lux.

Our range of LED Low Bay and LED High Bay Lighting is manufactured 100% in the UK using Osram LED’s and Lumotech Drivers. Our design criteria is that our LED’s operate at less than 70 degrees centigrade which is 35 degree centigrade less than the manufacturers maximum recommended temperature.

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