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LED Horticultural Lighting Report

By March 4, 2016 No Comments

LED Horticultural Grow Trial: March 2015


Interim Report:

  • 1.0

Trial Type:

  • Seedling Growth:
  • Geranium Bright Red
  • Geranium Show Stopper

Lighting Cycle:

  • 18 hours On/6 hours off

Luminaire Type:

  • BSSLED 61712 100w

Mounting Height:

  • 600mm

Ambient Temperature:

  • 21 degree C

Test Duration:

  • 5 Days


To determine the performance of the BSSLED LED Horticultural Luminaire Model No: 61712 as an artificial light to aid the growth of Geranium seedlings within a controlled temperature environment.

Using a number of seedlings re-potted to allow growth, using the same environment in terms of temperature and humidity but where one section was exposed to natural direct light and one section was exposed only to the LED Horticultural Light.

After 120 hours [5 days] the growth performance of the seedlings under the LED Horticultural lighting had made significant progress against the seedlings exposed to the natural direct light. Growth and development of the leaf was significantly improved by some 70-80%. The seedlings showed signs of improved vibrant green colouring and healthiness.

The testing is due to continue for a period of 20 days [5 day reporting] and a proposal for LED wavelength mixing once flowering commences.
Future testing at BSSLED will involve comparison on alternative plant types, herbs and vegetables using natural lighting, artificial conventional lighting and LED horticultural lighting, together with enhanced C02 options. Our aim is to collect data to allow our prospective customers to gain an understanding on how LED’s can benefit the various growing cycles for all industry applications.

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