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LED Low Bay specifically designed for dirty environments.

By March 9, 2017 No Comments

How many times do we hear ‘I need IP65 because it is a little dusty?’

IP65 to EN 60529 is dust proof and protected against high pressure water jets.

In reality, most decisions on an internal luminaire are based around dust ingress and not water ingress. The link https://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/ explains the IP rating tables and shows that there are other options than just IP65 depending on the application.

BSS LED have always invested in testing and continuous design technology and firmly believe that the best solution for longevity is keeping the LED driver away from the heat generated by the LED light source. Our Low Bay was specifically designed with this in mind, using cooling vents on the top of the luminaire to allow heat to dissipate. In a very dirty internal environment, we use a 3mm clear polycarbonate diffuser to protect the light source and a dust guard mounted on top of the luminaire to prevent dust and foreign objects entering the luminaire whilst still allowing heat to escape.

Whilst a small amount of dust entering the top of the luminaire will generally not affect the thermal characteristics of the product, applications where there are excessive airbourne dust particles are better suited to a top dust cover to prevent entry of excessive objects.

BSS LED recently completed a project for Gariff Construction Limited in Manchester using a number of these fitting within their joinery workshop. The 150 watt LED Low Bays replaced 400 watt metal halide fittings.