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LED Low Bay undergoes Carbon Trust Testing

By July 8, 2016 No Comments

As a continued commitment to testing and offering fully compliant products with transparent specifications, we are currently having our LED Low Bay independently tested by the Carbon Trust under the 2016 ETL Testing Programme. Working with well-respected testing facility Lux Tsi, BSSLED have submitted two models of the proven LED Low Bay, the 100w and 200w models are expected to complete testing within the next 9 months.

Every day the industry has to deal with exaggerated lumen claims and many importers have no documentation to support such claims. BSSLED were the first Company in the UK to publish a 6000-hour long term lumen test carried out by the UK LIA Labs in Telford. The results showed that the Osram Duris E5 LED lost only 3% of its initial lumens are 6000 hours of continuous testing.

Our 5-year warranty is one of the few to include a lumen depreciation warranty and unlimited hours. Many of our competitors rely on small print that restricts hours of use and expect a certain amount of failures before a warranty claim can be entered.

Before you purchase any LED product, ensure that the product has been independently tested by an approved 3rd party testing authority and do not rely on a simple CE mark or other indication of quality. All reputable manufacturers and importers will be able to show you UK or European test certificates from a UKAS or similar accredited facility.