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LED Low Bays save 92% energy costs – Spectrum Brands.

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LED Low Bays save 92% energy costs- 350 LED Low Bays with PIR and Daylight Dimming

It is often difficult to really understand what to expect in terms of performance and energy saving especially when there are PIR and daylight dimming options included. Initial savings on LED will offer at least a 65% energy saving when compared to conventional lighting but as we often cannot forecast movement and certainly not the weather, there is very little data available on actual projects.

Spectrum Brands based in Wolverhampton installed over 350 BSSLED Low Bays and LED High Bays all with Daylight Dimming and PIR sensors to their main distribution depot in Wolverhampton.

The savings are currently running at 92% compared to the conventional lighting

Daylight dimming allows a pre-set light limits to be set allowing a constant lux level by dimming the LED luminaire, the feature also allows the lights to turn off when light levels exceed the set limit and de-activate the PIR sensors.

18 months after installation energy savings have been as follows:

350 x 250w Metal Halide Lamps 4160 hours per year                 Yearly Operating Cost:   £ 46,000.00

350 x 100w LED Low Bays with PIR/Daylight dimming:            Yearly operating Cost:    £   3,680.00

Savings per year:                                                                                                               £   42,320.00

Percentage Saving:                                                                                                                       92%

Failures are currently at zero percent.

This data is supported by technical documentation that we would be pleased to share to any party wishing to consider our products.

All BSSLED Low Bays and High Bays are manufactured in the UK using quality components from Osram. Each product is covered by a 5 year warranty including lumen depreciation and are fully EN compliant in terms of performance and safety.

Many of our products are verified by the UK Lighting Industry Association Labs.

For more information on how BSSLED can provide proven quality LED lighting products that will out-perform our competitors, contact us at or call us on 01670 432400