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Low cost LED Forecourt Lighting

By May 18, 2016 No Comments

UK Manufactured designed to compete on price with Chinese imported products

The BSSLED Low Cost LED Forecourt lighting will save a minimum of 65% when compared to conventional lighting and further savings can be achieved by using daylight dimming and occupancy sensors.

Our range of low cost LED forecourt lighting will allow our customers to use British manufactured LED lighting products with proven performance and a 5 year warranty that also covers lumen depreciation.

As a UK manufacturer, we have the ability to provide custom panel sizes and colours with very short lead times to suit customers applications. Using Osram LED and premium quality drivers, allows us to produce high quality components in the UK with pricing to compete with Chinese imports.

The Osram LED has been proven to retain 97% of its original lumen output after 6000 hours of continuous testing and BSSLED has the only 6000 hour LM84 lumen test carried out on the LED type.

Using the IP65 Low Bay casing which has the added benefit of being LIA Verified in terms of safety and performance verification our customers can be assured that the product performance claims are correct.

For more information please contact us at info@bssled.com or call us on 01670 432400