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Latest Lighting News

A clear warranty statement from BSSLED

With so many options within LED technology, product warranties can often have small print and restrictions that provide ‘get out’ clauses for many LED manufacturers and distributors. BSSLED believe in a transparent warranty that clearly tells the customer what to expect….

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LED Horticultural Lighting Report

LED Horticultural Grow Trial: March 2015   Interim Report: 1.0 Trial Type: Seedling Growth: Geranium Bright Red Geranium Show Stopper Lighting Cycle: 18 hours On/6 hours off Luminaire Type: BSSLED 61712 100w Mounting Height: 600mm Ambient Temperature: 21 degree C…

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LED Horticultural Lighting

What is LED horticultural lighting and how is it used? To totally replace daylight with artificial LED horticultural lighting for ultimate climate growth, this reduces the need for glass environments and opens conventional buildings to be used for growing. To…

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