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BSS LED Testimonials

Safestyle UK consulted BSSLED to bring efficiencies to its outdated workshop.

Safestyle UK is a leading manufacturer and retailer of PVCu windows and doors. They consulted BSSLED to identify key areas for improvement in their Bradford workshop.

BSSLED conducted a full site survey of Safestyle’s workshop and found that their densely populated workspace, with relatively low ceilings and varied fittings and lighting, led to inefficiencies of physical space and had an impact on staff productivity. We offered Safestyle a tailored approach using our wide range of products and expertise.

We recommended fitting Relux lighting, which meant that we could install equipment specific to Safestyle’s requirements, replacing the irregular fittings with uniform Low Bays and installing evenly distributed lighting. PIR occupancy sensors offered a smart and easy way to maximise energy savings.

The more effective use of space and lighting refit has led to a better, brighter working environment and greater productivity, resulting in real cost savings.

safe style uk warehouse

BSSLED boosts Wilson Power Solutions’ bottom-line efficiencies.

Annual Energy Saving: 67% £4,531.80

Lynx is a technology, project development and management business with a comprehensive portfolio of renewable, energy-efficient and sustainable services. Traditionally Lynx worked with manufacturers all over Europe, producing high-quality electronic goods which enabled them to offer an unprecedented 5-year warranty on all of its products.

Lynx wanted to maintain this high product confidence while expanding its range of products and developing functionality to be at the forefront of luminaire innovation and design. In 2016, they partnered with

BSSLED to achieve exactly that. Using the latest technology, our combined knowledge and customised approach has given Lynx greater flexibility and capability to create highly customised solutions and unique products for their clients. Their operational costs have been reduced as a result. The successful partnership continues to grow, championing differentiation and delivering first-class results every time.

‘’We have installed 52 units that were factory set at 135 watts, these replaced 400 watt units, which ran 11 hours 5 days a week going from 228.8 to 77.2kwh per day.

After BSSLED came and set the lights up after our install I would say that on a sunny day we are saving 100% as the lights are now set to give a max LUX of 800 at floor which halves after 10 mins on no occupancy then goes off after another 10 minutes. With full sun coming through our sky lights the units turn off giving the MAX saving.

The services and professionalism of BSSLED has been second to none, on doing my research these were not the cheapest units, but taking in to account the service, support and 5 year warranty and the quality of the UK manufactured fitting it was a no brainer against cheap foreign imports.

I would like to thank Steve, Jordan and the rest of the BSSLED team for the service provided.’’

Graham Farr
Quality, Health, Safety
& Environmental Manager