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A new range of tuneable LED Grow Lights at Four Oaks Horticultural Trade Show 6-7th October 2016

By July 8, 2016 No Comments

Come and see our range of leading UK manufactured LED Grow Lights at the Four Oaks Trade Show stand D69 on the 6th and 7th September 2016 at Four Oaks Nursery in Cheshire.

BSSLED has established itself as a proven UK manufacturer of Horticultural LED Lighting and will be showing our full spectrum tuneable LED grow light.

LED Grow Lights will not only save energy when compared to conventional HPS Lighting, but also by using the correct light wavelength or colour, will substantially increase photosynthesis and plant growth.

Different plant types require different wavelength, photo period and intensity to stimulate correct growth, by offering a fully tuneable and dimmable LED Grow Light system we have the ability to provide a fully future proofed system.

In addition to providing a tuneable LED Grow Light, we have the option to connect a smart lighting control that uses sensors to harvest the usable sunlight and provide a constant level of micro mols over the growing area. This ensures that the energy savings are optimised for maximum performance.

As a UK LED Lighting manufacturer, we have a proven record of 6 years of LED Lighting manufacturing. Focusing on correct optical design and thermal management. Using the resources of Osram’s technical staff to provide the best advise in the industry and an industry leading 5 year warranty including lumen depreciation.

All BSSLED LED Grow Lights use proven Osram LED’s and Drivers. Manufactured 100% in the UK and using leading optical lenses to ensure the best uniformity in the market.

For more information, contact us on 01670 432400 or email us at info@bssled.com